Our Services

In everything we do, you will ‘experience the difference’. We are committed to providing exceptional standards in each and every service we offer. Through the passion and expertise of our dedicated staff, our clients and the end-user is a promised a truly memorable service. Get a glimpse of what we do…

Integrated Facility Management

Whether you are a corporate looking to focus on your core business or a property owner/owners association seeking to protect your investment, we as a single-source provider of the complete spectrum of facilities services can help you maximise your built assets, lower operating costs and simplify overall management.

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Energy Consultancy & Services

One of the core aims of Leminar Integrated FM is to play a leadership role in driving the sustainability initiatives of the Qatar leadership. We, therefore, aligned our strategic objectives with sustainability to develop services that will benefit not only our customers but also the environment.

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Hospitality Services

Leminar Integrated FM aims to build a solid reputation as a trusted partner of hospitality businesses. Our holistic approach to hospitality property management can guarantee the five-star experience for customers and enhance business continuity by ensuring asset upkeep. We ensure the highest standards of maintenance and guest services.

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Security & Smart Solutions

Leminar Integrated FM is committed to protecting and safeguarding all the assets of an organisation, be it people, physical assets or information. We have specialised teams for providing an array of services:

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Engineering & Maintenance

One of our core competencies remains MEP services as we have an extensive team of experienced and well-qualified technicians. All our maintenance activities are geared towards ensuring proper functioning of equipment and systems, reducing their deterioration and avoiding downtime, which can otherwise have serious financial repercussions on the clients.

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We offer cleaning services to a wide range of clients across numerous sectors. Directly employed cleaning, supervisory and management staff operate throughout our contract locations in premises such as offices, malls, movies, manufacturing and logistics facility, residential communities and other commercial properties.

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