Security Smart Solutions

Leminar Integrated FM is committed to protecting and safeguarding all the assets of an organisation, be it people, physical assets or information. We have specialised teams for providing an array of services:

We have courteous and professional security personnel who are trained to meet the specific requirements of clients. Our background checked, uniformed security officers can protect against/ deter crimes on sites and be the first responder during any emergencies.

We offer our clients a range of innovative identity-driven smart solutions including Access Control, 360° Security View, Visitor Management and more. Our enhanced security with event-driven architecture, monitors the activities and responses with improved scalability and flexibility.

Fire & Safety : We offer technological solutions to manage alarms, automate responses, and view notifications in real-time on mobile devices, allowing for remote management of critical incidents and emergency response. In addition, our security personnel are trained to respond quickly during fire emergencies.